Masters Worlds and Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships Update

You’ll have seen that the South African Powerlifting Federation are hosting both the World Masters Championships AND the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships simultaneously from 4-13 October 2024.

We’ve had confirmation from both the IPF and CWPF that Masters athletes can choose to enter only one of the competitions, and have your lifts counted only in your chosen competition, or to enter both competitions.

If you decide to enter both, the same set of lifts will count in both events, so there is the potential to medal at both events if you enter both.If you want to enter both competitions you must do an application for each competition separately - and you must pay two separate application fees.

In light of this we are also extending the entry close date for both competitions until Sunday 7th of July 11.59pm. No further applications will be accepted after this time.

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WADA has published their Prohibited List for 2024

Competitors must be aware that tramadol is now prohibited in competition.

Below is a link to the Drugfree Sport New Zealand website which includes an introductory summary and links to the List and Summary of Modifications.

Associations, Coaches, Officials and Competitors please assist us by alerting members to the List.

WADA Prohibited List

Drug Free Sport New Zealand