Removal of qualifying competition requirement

The NEC has voted to remove the “qualifying competition” requirement from our National Championships qualifying criteria. Members will no longer be required to compete at a provincial or North/South Island competition to qualify for Nationals. The requirement to reach the qualifying total remains but this can now be completed at any sanctioned competition within 12 months of Nationals when registered as a full member. 

This decision was made to ease the burden on local committees of running oversubscribed provincial and island events and provide members with greater opportunities to qualify for Nationals, should that be their goal.


Establishment of Māori and Pasifika committee

We are looking to establish a committee for Māori and Pasifika to come together to voice their ideas, thoughts and concerns and elect one representative from that committee to join the NEC.

If you are interested in being part of this committee or wish to nominate someone to be part of it please email by October 22nd


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The NZPF is the official governing body for the running and development of powerlifting in New Zealand. The NZPF is comprised of a National Executive Committee (NEC). There are currently 6 regional powerlifting associations throughout New Zealand, each with it’s own committee and constitution.


International Powerlifting Federation (IPF)

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WADA has published their Prohibited List for 2023

While there are very few changes it is important that our competitors, coaches, officials and support personnel are aware of this information.

Below is a link to the Drugfree Sport New Zealand website which includes an introductory summary and links to the List and Summary of Modifications.

Associations, Coaches, Officials and Competitors please assist us by alerting members to the List.

WADA Prohibited List

Drug Free Sport New Zealand