About The NZPF

The New Zealand Powerlifting Federation was formed in 1985. It is the governing body for competition in the lifts of the squat, bench press and deadlift. These lifts are typically performed in gyms throughout the country which means that most gym participants are familiar with the sport. The sport of Powerlifting is accessible to anyone of any age, gender and ability. 

Since the Federation was formed, New Zealand has had a number of World Champions in the sport of Powerlifting. Derek Pomana, Kathy Millen, Patricia Muldrock, Willie Tau and Maria Brightwater-Wharf just to name a few.  In past years Cathy Millen and Megan-Li Smith held World records and currently Patricia Muldrock, Jackie Buckley-Gray, Gordon Fletcher, and Evie Corrigan hold World records. Two more have joined the group of World record holders and they are Sonia Manaena and Bruce Park.

The Federation adopted the WADA Anti-Doping Code and adapted its policy accordingly. A new athlete acknowledgement form is now in use as part of registration to the Federation. Associations now include a section on drug free sport education their seminars.

Vision of the Organisation

Mission Statement
New Zealand Powerlifting will act as the leadership organisation for Powerlifting in New Zealand. It will govern the sport fairly and efficiently, to provide all members with fair competition, according to their status and ability and facilitate coaching, officiating and administration. New Zealand Powerlifting will commit itself to the eradication of doping practices in Powerlifting. The NZPF through its programmes and by example will lead those in the New Zealand sporting community. New Zealand Powerlifting will represent the interests of members and the sport to Government, media, public and international sporting organisations.

Membership Vision
Members expect the Federation to influence their Associations to govern the sport fairly and efficiently. Members look to the Federation to provide programmes in a timely and responsive manner whilst providing clear, concise and consistent information to maximise inclusion. The members expect the Federation to support and promote individual members that represent New Zealand in International competitions.

Administrative Documents can be found in PDF format below:
The NZPF Constitution (as at Oct 2019)

Special Olympics

About The IPF

The International Powerlifting Federation is an international governing body for the sport of powerlifting. The New Zealand Powerlifting Federation is a member of the IPF, and abides by it’s rule books, approved equipment lists, records, standards and anit-doping policies. More can be learnt about the IPF here

NZPF Life Members and in Memoriam

Life Members

Steve Lousich 

Julian Perry

Graham Fong 

Stan Hallmond

Cathy Millen 

Stephen King

Serena Perry 

Gerry Sannum

In Memoriam

June Johnson Passed away 2016 (life member) Click here

Association Life Members​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Stan Hallmond, John Sherley, Les Liggett, Bill Dempster, Rex Tait, Brian Froggatt


Graham Fong, Cathy Millen, Steve Lousich, Gordon Fletcher, Stephen King

Waikato & BOP

Julian Perry, June Johnson, ​​​​​​​Serena Perry

Wellington & Central Districts

Derek Pomana


Brian Armstrong, Mike Gardiner, Terry Pierson

Southern Powerlifting

Ray Palmer, Peter Appleby, Shann Morrow, Diane Marshall​​​​​​​, Gerry Sannum, ​​​​​​​Charles Abraham, Phil Murphy, Sylvia Clarkson​​​​​​​, Marie Soffe