Guide to coaches for new lifters

This is a general guide of what powerlifting coaches may provide, to help lifters to understand what to expect when hiring a coach. However coaching relationships are unique, and some coaches may offer more or less services based on their own qualifications, rates, and philosophy. 

Coaches will often:

  • Provide a programme of exercises with sets and repetitions prescribed with the intent to make the lifter stronger and better at performing the 3 main power lifts. 

  • Provide feedback to the lifter, either written, in person, or through a video or voice recording. In the case of online coaching, the frequency of the feedback is determined and agreed between the coach and athlete but most often it is in the form of a weekly or monthly check in. A higher coaching rate is the norm for a higher frequency of communication/check-ins.

  • Work with the lifter to set goals and create a plan for achieving those goals as well as encouraging, supporting and keeping the lifter accountable to help them achieve their goals.

  • Educate the lifter about the rules of the federation particularly the rules for performing each lift to competition standard, and advising on the pathway to competing in their desired competition 

  • Encourage healthy lifestyle choices, such as sleeping better, and eating well. They may also discuss the pro’s and con’s of weight gain and weight loss for competing in powerlifting. But the topic of weight manipulation should be approached with caution and powerlifting should not be used as a reason to justify extreme weight loss or gain.

  • Assist lifters in person during competition if they live locally.

A coach may suggest clients seek out other professionals for specialised help in areas outside their expertise such as physiotherapy, nutrition coaching, or psychology. 

Coaching is a relationship built on trust and has an inherent power imbalance. Therefore it is imperative that athletes feel safe and their privacy and autonomy is respected. Coaches under the NZPF must adhere to our Code of Conduct

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